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This story, weaves its way from one pivotal moment in our history, to opening one of the doors to Armageddon. “Summoned The Novel” is wicked and yet tastefully done, and it will have you  at times laughing and astonished. Summoned The Novel takes you into the darkest of mankinds desire to be the most powerful nation in the world and what lengths he will go to keep control of this power. Set in the year 2025, Dr. Michael Stein is Summoned to build the most unique flying apparatus that this world has ever known, and is secretly being used by the military to build something else that know one would dare think of. spawned from one of the most controversial Supreme Court Decisions of our life time.  You won't be able to put this book down as you speed through this book moving from one chapter to another.



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Summoned The Novel   







Readers Reviews:

Suze Anderson;  Stan The Man, you have one wild imagination, just wild. 

Martial Hangbe:   I liked it alot. I'ts a great book. St. Louis ILL.

Travis Hardiway: I could see this being a motion picture. Rochester, MN


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